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    I have successfully ported Mugen: Everyone vs Everyone for Mac OSX (Intel only) with USB gamepad support. As far as I know I am the first person to succesfully do this. Perhaps you may like to check out the game. Google: youtube Mugen EVE Mac and watch a few of my videos to learn more. I do not know if I am allowed to post a link on this forum so I will leave the search up to you.

    Game Overview:

    There is no lag and I have implimented a window resize feature. There are over 400+ characters. The game has a reliability rate of 99% with crashes happening less frequently than the windows version. I achieved this through a few tweaks I performed on the custom wrapper framwork. The animation is smooth. Perhaps you may appreciate my hard work and have lots of fun with this game port I created. I created a neat 1440x900 desktop wallpaper too, that can be found in the info sections of my mugen videos.


    The Dream is Now a Reality
    This opens up the start of a whole new era of Mac gaming.

    Tested on and for Intel Macs only.
    Nvidia/ATI/Intel HD graphics supported.
    I was able to tweak the graphics a little and have made them a little sharper over the Windows version.

    Minimun requirments:

    Allot 10gb+ HDD space
    1gb Ram
    Min. Resolution supported . 1024x768
    Max Resolution supported . 1680x1050
    Higher resolutions - untested

    Ported by:
    - Der Kunstler (aka PLEASANT)

    Oi :apple:

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    Real port or Wine/Cider?

    Also, scale the picture down.

    Lastly without a download link this thread has little merrit.
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