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Discussion in 'iPod' started by cschmidt, Nov 27, 2005.

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    Nov 27, 2005
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    I'm an ipod noobie... so this may be an easy one. I did a few searches and didn't see a situation that matches.

    I bought my wife an ipod in April, one of the newer 20gb ones. We installed itunes on a windows xp machine and all is well.

    Come September we bought our 2 daughters ipod shuffles. The rat race of school and other activities have prevented us from playing with them until this week-end.

    The goal is 1 computer, maybe 1 itunes library we can share, 3 user accounts on the windows XP machine, and the 20gb + 2 shuffles have music.

    Shuffle # 1 (remember the noobie part here) I stumble through the registration, setup, update of itunes to support it, and the computer would still not find it. I did the ipod update to current shuffle software level and all is fine.

    Shuffle # 2 is the problem child. Itunes would not find it and the ipod updater would not find it - using the same USB port as the other shuffle. So I read a bit and somewhere it says to try the update from another computer. That works and I reset to factory sw. Bring it back to computer #1 and it will still not find it ( ipod updater or itunes). Back to computer # 2 and itunes will find it.

    Suggestions? Further reading sources? Anyone know if itunes 6.0 can support 2 shuffles?

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    Is it the XP machine you're trying to get them to work with? Have you read this? :)

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