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Jul 7, 2017
I just bought my first iWatch (1st Gen).

So far, it a "meh" for me.

The biggest problem that I have is that I work for an airline and travel extensively. I don't have inflight wi-fi and my watch remains on my home time. I'd like an app that can show me my destination time any place in the world.

Does anyone know of an app like this? My crummy Casio can do this!



Jul 14, 2015
You can simultaneously show as many other time zones as you have positions for complications.

The caveat is that you need to make them available to the watch with your phone's Clock app in the World Clock tab.

For example, I've got DC, PST, Seoul, and London as locations in my World Clock tab, so now I can see them all on my Apple Watch. I've also renamed them in the Watch app on the phone (under Clock -> City Abbreviations). I labeled the London time zone as "GMT" for the watch.

Now, when I customize a watch face, I can select a complication position and scroll to see any of these time zones.

I'm pretty sure your Casio doesn't show every single city and airport code, and neither can it be customized to display a given abbreviation for each time zone. My Casio can't do these things, either.


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Feb 6, 2012
Unless I misunderstood your question, the built in world clock app does that. Just add any time zones you want on the world clock section of the iPhones built or in clock app and they'll sync over to your watch. Then open the world clock app on the phone and scroll through the time zones to set it at the one you want


Jun 5, 2017
Lurking About the Planet
What everyone does, is on your phone simply go to Settings>General>Date and Time. Toggle to set timezone manually, and set your destination city time zone. Now your watch will show that timezone.

World clock is available as well, shows as an app. Again, on phone, use the world clock feature to set up the cities to represent the timezones you fly to most often.

Easy peasy.

Bet you'd move faster than light if you heard the start motor engage on that engine. ;)
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