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    My wife and I are long term Apple users, we both have iPhones..laptops..and iMacs. Up until now I have thought we did not need an iPad? Now I am considering an iPad for travel purposes for email and web surfing only that we both can use on the road.In the summer we both ride motorcycles and taking 1 iPad instead of 2 laptops makes sense to me.. anyone else use one to share.. what do you think. Never tried to set up a multi user before.. do I do it right out of the box? and can we set it up to iCloud for each account using our address book and bookmarks which is all I want to do

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    Dec 30, 2010
    I think somebody was talking about this on the regular Ipad board. The ipad, iphone were designed as personal devices, and therefore not set to have different users.

    Still, you can set up multiple email accounts. You can then read ALL emails and see each others, or just select your email. I actually have 8 email accounts between my wife and I on my ipad. Most are IMAP vs POP3.

    Bookmarks and stuff could be an issue.
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    If you have an iPhone, then in terms of system setup, the iPad works exactly the same as the iPhone. Whatever you can do on an iPhone, you can do on an iPad, and what can't be done on an iPhone, you can't do on an iPad. So try setting two iCloud accounts on an iPhone, and see if it does what you want it to do. I know you can sync addresses from two iCloud accounts to an iPad, and it's fairly easy to keep them separate. Not sure how bookmarks work, because I haven't tried that. Hmmm, just checked, and bookmarks only sync to one iCloud account.
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    Yep! There no way to set it up for multiple users like you can on a computer.

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