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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by J.L.Photography, Jun 11, 2012.

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    Need a few extra buttons for gaming...

    Any decent wireless or Bluetooth preferred recommendations?
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    I'll take a stab here..

    You didn't say what kind of gaming you do, so that leaves this one really up in the air.
    Being that I am a mainly FPS player I stills stay with a wired mouse, I know battery life has come along way and all that. But nothing sucks more than to get in a sniper war on Urban Terror and have your mouse die! So with that in mind, here are a few options. Some I have tired. Others? Well that is up to your googlefu skills. :D

    - The razor series of mice have truly been some of the trend setters when it comes to cramming resolution, buttons and customizable layouts to not only mice but keyboards. However, reviews are mixed and be ready to pay a price for their wares.

    - If you don't know logitech, it's time to move out from under your rock and say "Hello Starshine. The earth says Hello" or something to that effect.:cool: I have personally owned the G700 and while it is pretty shweet as a gaming mouse, it was not a fit for me.

    - Now this? This beast? This conundrum of parts that looks like a mouse mated with a Borg? This is the gaming mouse I want! It's is one of the most customizable, trick-out, make your fingers do the bionic seahorse mice you will ever find! It does take a bit of getting used to, with all the options available it can be hard to know where to start, but if you want the bang for your buck? You can't go wrong.
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    The G700. You'll have to use a 3rd party application like USB overdrive or Steermouse to take advantage of the buttons.

    If your going Razer I would get the Razer Hex, as it is like 1/3 cheaper than the Naga Epic (stil expensive) but not going overkill on the buttons. Plus, it seems less cramped than the other variations of the Naga. Only real downside that I can see is its wired so maybe a no buy if your a wireless guy. The wire on my Naga base btw is not at all annoying. It is braided, so it doesn't tangle half as much or twist into knots like regular wires do.

    I have the rat 7 and used it for 4 months or so and disliked it. Too heavy (with or without the weights), Driver wasn't always working, and the mouse itself was damn uncomfortable. Yes, it has customizability, you can change out the thumb rest and pinkie rest, palm wrest which is awesome but it seemed no matter which combo i used it was bad and hurt my pinkie after long or even mid periods of just browsing.

    And the accuracy was just not great. Cursor zooming like nuts even at 1700 DPI and undershooting too much at lower DPI like 1000. I really do like the build quality tho, unlike the Naga which is so - so. Honestly, it was probably the worst mouse I ever used, the Mighty Mouse that i used to use seems almost good compared to it.

    I don't recommend it.
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    haha true its a lot of buttons. but if OP is planning on playing any MMO in the near future it helps a lot.

    I'm not really a hardcore "PC" player just the casual D3 when i have free time and it really helps. Takes some time to get used to and they do come with free stickers to help you train to get used to it.

    and the lights are really cool! :D

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