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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Apple Corps, Mar 28, 2006.

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    My business involves high quality video/audio presentations to groups between 10 - 50 or so in size. The video end is primarily a Powerpoint presentation with text, charts, graphics, high resolution tiff photographs and HD video as high as 1080p depending on what content is available. I am reviewing through all of the DLP and LCD WUXGA level projectors. I'll initially be using our Intel duo core Mac mini with two GB of RAM onboard moving over to a Mac Book Pro - perhaps the Merom based one later in the year.

    Things are not so clear on the audio side. I'm leaning towards the Toslink optical out going into some unknown integrated amp going into a pair of yet to be defined reference quality speakers. There is no interest/need in any subwoofer arrangement. Also, I've looked at some of the self powered speakers but that narrowed the choices significantly. Size and weight considerations are important as I will be transporting them with me in a custom case (laptop/mini/projector/speakers/amp).

    Very interested in your experience and suggestions.
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    The average size of the room is what is important here. Great quality speakers that are too small will not fill the room. It sounds, from your description that 10 to 50 people would be a small space, but that is just my assumption.
    Here is a link to a pro audio online shop I have bought several items from for my home studio/ band and multimedia/web design stuff.
    You can do a search there for both monitors and powered monitors, also PA.
    The user reviews are sometimes very helpful as well, although you may want to consult with an audio engineer on this particular question.
    There are several recording forums you may get a quick answer quickly.
    Here is one
    For what it's worth, I am about to buy these for my home studio, but I think they are to small for your needs.
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    Steve - thanks for the reply and links. I've seen a couple of them but some new info as well.

    I am still hoping for some specific experience based input on:

    Mac > optical audio out > integrated amp w/ Toslink optical in > speakers

    What amp and speakers have people found impressive?

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