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    Apr 4, 2017
    Howdy all,

    First off I'm not a big user of the apple mail program and I'm trying to help out my father in law with a couple of questions.

    He has two accounts in apple mail. One is a verizon e-mail that is going away and his gmail which is staying. He is hoping I could help (well you guys) with the following.

    1. Is there a way to leave his Verizon e-mails accessible for whats local but remove the login info so it doesn't prompt him to login every time (since his login info will not be valid)? (this could be as simple as removing all the info for the pop an such but I'd rather hear that from folks that would know).

    2. Is there a way to export his contacts from the verizon account and import into the gmail account (through the mail program) and this could be as easy as click and drag, without using multiple accounts I'm at a loss.

    Any help would be great and sorry if I left anything out please let me know and I'll try to help you, help me.

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    Feb 13, 2011
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    1. You could create folders under "On My Mac" and copy the Verizon emails to there. Alternately, and this is what I would prefer if it were me, you could create folders under the Gmail account and copy the Verizon emails to those so that they're "backed up" at Google. To keep it simple, you could just copy Verizon "inbox" emails to the Gmail "inbox", and so forth, to be in a merged state. After all emails are copied (give it time) you can remove the Verizon email account.

    2. Do Verizon contacts sync with Mac Contacts? If they do it's a simple matter of copying them (select all, drag and drop) from Verizon list to Google list. Otherwise, I believe you can do a contact export at the Verizon website and then import into the Google list in Contacts on the Mac.

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