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    Sorry - cannot find the answer...
    Just got my new imac !!!

    Setting up accounts for all family members and migrating data (over local network)
    1) I installed Office, but it only shows up on my dock and applications folder...other accounts do not see the Office apps. How do I have it show up for all?
    2) Where do I put shared data (like family pictures, movies, music for all accounts to share? I put it in my accounts 'places' but others do not see it

    sorry for the basic questions
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    every account's Dock is different so go into the Applications folder from the other account and drag the Office apps to the Dock.

    the Shared folder in the /Users directory is accessible by everyone and the Public folder in your home directory by default is only readable by other users and the Drop Box folder inside that is writeable to other users. you can also share other folders from Sharing in System Preferences.
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    1. MS Office should normally be installed into Macintosh HD / Applications / Microsoft Office 2011, which is accessible for everyone. To get icons onto the Dock, open a Finder window, select the file, folder or application you want to have in the Dock and drag it onto the Dock. Applications go on the left side of the separator, the rest on the right.

    iTunes: How to share music between different accounts on a single computer
    iPhoto: Sharing libraries among multiple users

    The Finder has a Sidebar, where Devices, Places and Searches are put. It is not an actual place to store data or files or folders. It is there to put aliases (Mac OS X equivalent to Windows "shortcuts") to often used HDDs, folders and applications or files.

    Also have a look at the following links to learn more about Mac OS X:

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    MRoogle is a good tool to search these fora for already existing threads about questions you have. It might be able to answer you quicker than waiting for an answer.

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