Multiple Apple ID's vs Single Apple ID

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    May 1, 2013

    For quite some time now, the wife and I have managed with one primary apple id which is mine, and she has her own iCloud ID. We did this in order to keep data (reminders, contacts, etc.) sync'd across devices: our iPhones and her iPad.

    This has worked well, except for one problem; when my wife sends an email from her iPad, and I think her iPhone, the recipient sees it as coming from me. Her iCloud ID is added under my primary ID in iCloud, so any email she composes appears to be coming from me. If I login under her ID on iCloud from our iMac desktop or iPad, the "From" will say my name, not hers.

    So the question is how can we maintain the syncing of our contacts and other data under one primary apple ID, but yet be able to modify her account so her outgoing emails show they're coming from her and not me.

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    I know how to do this, but explaining might be a different story.

    I would say she makes her own Apple ID/iCloud account and she has both yours and hers Apple ID/iCloud on her phone. Yours for the contacts, and set her Apple ID/iCloud as the defaul email address.

    So you would add you email account/iCloud account to hers, but just switch the contact option on in the settings.
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    My recommendation would be to use separate iCloud accounts and set up shared calendars and reminder lists. Contacts cannot be shared to my knowledge though, but it's not difficult to copy them. Another approach would be to use a different cloud service than iCloud for shared data (such as, which supports contacts, calendars, reminders, and notes) and configure that account on all devices in addition to the separate iCloud accounts. That way everybody has their own email, contact, calendar accounts on iCloud, plus the shared account on outlook.
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    Multiple Apple ID's vs Single Apple ID

    Thanks to you both….

    Prime, I think I know what you're trying to say…I just need to see how to do it. I'll take a look at her phone/ipad when she gets home. I think right now, my id is the primary,and her iCloud id is added "under" mine which is why outgoing mail shows my name as the originator…
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    May 1, 2013
    Multiple Apple ID's vs Single Apple ID

    Okay, let me see if I can lay out our setup on our iPhone 6's.
    My iPhone 6
    Go to Settings, iCloud, and there's my name an underneath is my apple id. This is the same setup for my wife's phone.

    Go to Settings, iCloud, Advanced, Mail, and there's my name and apple id. Allow sending from shows all of my email aliases.
    This is the same setup for my wife's phone.

    Go to Settings, Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and under Accounts shows my apple id.
    Doing these steps on my wife's phone shows my apple id, her apple id. Click on Accounts, and it shows her apple id/password, and the Description is her apple id.
    Click on Advanced, Mail, and it shows her ID.
    Click on iCloud Account Info, and Name is my name, Email is her apple id. Under Allow Sending From shows all of her email aliases.
    Note: all instances of apple id mentioned above is our individual email address/apple id.

    So basically her account is under the umbrella of my apple id. If she composes an email the "From" shows my name, would like it so it shows her name. If I delete her iCloud acct and add it back using her apple id, then we lose the auto syncing features with calendars, contacts, etc., and I'd rather not use other tools for that function if I don't have to….tks.

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