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    Alright so for the past few years I have been purchasing all of my iTunes content from my parents Apple id. I recently created my own now that I am of age. What I am wondering is, how am I going to utilize content from both accounts? I obviously still want my music from my parents account, but will be using my account for all present and future purchases. iCloud doesn't count iTunes purchases from the 5 gig limit. My head is spinning right now. Can I still listen to the music from both accounts on my iPhone and Mac, or am I going to have to buy all the songs again!? This new service, while being very exciting, is leaving me with a few unanswered questions.
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    There is no way to merge 2 accounts (at least at this time) but I believe you can always login to multiple accounts to gain access but I suspect that would be a real pain.

    I think you should talk to your parents to determine who owns/uses most of the iTunes Purchases. Maybe they can give you the iTunes Store Account or continue to share it.

    Just keep in mind that you can have multiple accounts for multiple purposes (this is covered in many threads). But best to only have 1 account for a single purpose. Like have all of you iTunes Purchases on 1 Account ID. Have your iCloud / Email on the same or a different one.
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    *thread res*

    What about deleting a second account? My details are the same across both Apple IDs (name, address, phone number, but not email). Can Apple delete the second Apple ID or will they flatly say no?
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    I have this same problem, I have a @me for email and then a diff acc for purchases idk what to do I'll just wait and see

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