Multiple Apple TVs on network mirroing multiple Macs

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by dpavid, Jan 21, 2017.

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    We have an event, similar to a Ted Talk format. We plan to have 2 monitors on stage for the presenter to see presentations and speaker timer. Both will be running from MBPs. The stage is about 200 ft away from the video production. Our thought is to run the monitors via Apple TV. We'll connect both Apple TVs to a gigabit swicth and run one cable to a router next to the MBPs on a closed network. No internet, we'd use soley for the Apple TV's.

    Will both Apple TV's be able to mirror two different MBPs each from that far away via the router into a 200ft cat6 cable, out to a gigabit switch and into the 2 Apple TVs? If yes, any potential hiccups we might run into? Any other suggestions how to do this?
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    should be fine.

    the aTV doesn't have a gigabit port
    you would actually get a faster signal using 5gHz 802.11AC, but i don't think you will need it.

    you would definitely be OK with an extender like this one - Amazon Link
    this one will work with a switch, but it paperers you can't have more than one sender (or any other network traffic) on the network, so you would need to have multiple long ethernet runs.

    and after you're done you can't use it for other things like the aTV
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    Thanks for post. I tested it with 2 aTVs.

    2 MBPs connected to an ASUS router with built-in gigabit switch, one long 300 ft cat6 into a netgear gigabit switch with the 2 aTVs on the opposite end. Works perfect as I thought and you suggested. We just need it to mirror desktops for Speaker Timer and PPTX. Thank you.
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    I have a similar one like the link but mine only does 50m max length. Works perfect for IMAG events that we do. Thanks for suggestion!

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