multiple ATV's with different iCloud ID's?

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    I haven't set up my home kit yet but recall during my reading online that one needs an ATV to control things outside the house. This is limited to the person that has a phone signed into the same iCloud ID as the ATV in the house.

    Can one add a second ATV and sign in with another iCloud ID that matches phone #2 to allow remote control by a second phone (and iCloud ID?)
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    No, you do this by "inviting" another AppleID to use your home's HomeKit. It's in the HomeKit settings in the settings app on your iOS device.

    All my equipment is tied to my AppleID, but I've invited and added my wife's and kids' AppleIDs, so their phones, watches and their devices' Siri can control our home as well.
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    ^ this works like a champ.

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