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Discussion in 'macOS' started by jaguarx, Aug 17, 2007.

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    I've just got my shiny new iMac to replace my aging powerbook G4 which I want to continue to use for various smaller bits and pieces. Part of that involves moving big files back and forth between the two. Both are on the same wireless network but that's fairly slow, I was wondering if it was possible to set it up to use firewire networking between the two for direct transfers, while both were still on the wireless network. If so, how do I do it? Custom route table entries?
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    Theoretically ...
    If you enable the firewire networking in the networking preferences, and place the firewire entry ABOVE the wireless entry, then the machines will look for each other over firewire FIRST when you attempt to connect.

    But ...
    In my personal experience this doesn't always happen (only about 25% of the time). Turning off the airport on one machine, starting the transfer over firewire, and then turning airport back on seems to work >90% of the time though.
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    There is a very easy method for this. FTP or SFTP (secure).
    Over a wireless network the Mac OS file sharing is quite slow, but if you use an FTP program (Transmit, or Fetch are recommended) then you can transfer files at very high speeds over your wireless internet.

    To setup FTP if you don't know how, turn on FTP in the System Prefs>Sharing on both machines and then open your FTP program and dial in the local IP (192.168.1.x) and use your login and password that you normally do on the machine you're trying to connect to. I notice higher speeds with SFTP, this option is available when creating a new connection in either FTP program.

    If more clarification is needed or other Q's please let me know. Enjoy!
    (also setup up manual IP's for less headaches in the Network Prefs)
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    Wow, thanks! I didn't realize the connection would be so fast! All this time I've been hassling with target disk mode when transferring large files between machines. I just tried FTP with Fetch and it works great! I even setup a shortcut in Fetch that allows me to log onto my Laptop with ease. Nice.

    No I'm wondering what's the big deal about having one of the new AEBS with the Gigabit connection. If I had one of those would that allow my machine to machine transfer go even faster?

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