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    Nov 14, 2009
    What is the right solution for the following problem:

    I have 3 home PCs (Vista) and an office PC (XP Pro) ... (yeah... PC).
    There are an iPOD classic (my wife) and I got an iPhone.
    The music is stored central on an NAS drive (SimpleTech...not DLNA compatible)
    Ideally I want all music stored centrally and all libraries in sync.
    The office PC is registered to a corporate domain, while all other PCs are in the local workgroup.

    Now I have checked songs for sync with my iPhone.
    My wife has different songs checked to sync with her iPod.
    In the living room I want to have all music available for playing.

    When I add music on my PC it is not in the other databases.
    When I copy the database I overwrite the personal playlists and checked songs
    When I use the music database sharing capability the music appears not to be sync'ed to the portable devices from the central database location.

    How can I get all iTunes databases in sync, especially when everyone in the house is adding their music, without overwriting personal preferences and giving up the iPhone and iPod sync?
    While I have no problem with scripting and configuration the two other family members need ease of use.

    Thanks for any hints and ideas.
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    Nov 14, 2009

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