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    Feb 4, 2012
    I have a projector I use daily for watching stuff. It requires the room to be dark, the darker the better. My desktop computer is placed in the same room, and I would really prefer that its monitor be off when I use the projector.

    For VLC I can just "black out" the monitor while something is viewed on the projector, but it's not good enough -- too much light emanating from the monitor, still.

    If I simply turn off the screen, OS will automatically make the projector the "main" display -- menu bar, all open apps are moved to the projector and upon turning on the monitor again I have to manually select it as the main display AND drag all the apps to the monitor.

    Anyone with a great workaround/app for this?

    Running 10.8.5 on an i5 Mac mini (2011)
    Monitor: Dell U2711
    Projector: Epson EH TW3200
    Note: I don't mirror displays in order to maintain each device's natural resolution
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    The only thing I know of is to try going into your monitor's settings with the buttons on the side or bottom and just turn the brightness all the way down.

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