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Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by activate, Jun 17, 2013.

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    I love that they do something with the multiple display handling in OSX!
    However as that video shows the present version is far from optimal!

    I use OSX (10.7) at the moment, together with two display cards, two displays and one projector. I guess most people with multiple displays also use multiple desktops extensive. However after the removal of "Spaces" in 10.7 (which also disabled the excellent utility "Hyperspaces") things got messy.

    The current multiple display handling lacks a lot of features to make it efficient, and together with the multiple desktops implementation it is a bit frustrating. Maverick attempts to solve some of it but so far seems only get half the way.

    My wish list:
    * Much bigger flexibility as how the multiple desktops are handled. I usually want to have fixed sets of applications and windows arranged on multiple display desktops. I want to easily switch from my "photo desktop" to my "maintenance desktop" with all windows in correct positions. The independent displays in Maverick could be nice in some situations, but it should be an on/off option. In a multi display/desktop environment you mostly want to keep the desktops as "sets".

    * You should be able to assign certain applications to always be opened in certain desktops in certain positions. One application may be assign to two or more different desktops at different sizes and positions. You should be able to save these window size and positions to be either application default or just assigned to the application in that particular desktop.

    * You should be able to name different multi display desktop configurations to easily find them.

    * Easy overview and navigation between different desktop configurations. "Hyperspaces" had a nice implementation where you could name them, arrange them in a grid overview with different colors/desktop images for overview and easy navigation, it also had some nice short keys. I had 16 dual display desktops back then and it was a charm to overlook and very efficient to work with. I hardly ever needed to open an application or move and resize a single window since I always had a desktop with the right configuration.

    * In the grid view you should be able to drag windows freely between desktop configurations. Not only between desktops for the same display.

    * You should of course be able to stretch windows over several displays.

    * The full screen implementation should be able to be use in different modes. As in 10.8 (black out other displays), as current version of Maverick (other displays usable), stretched over all displays, or just over a subset (say over 4 displays in a 6 display setup). Full flexibility!

    * I can also see the use for being able to assign different display settings to different displays/desktop combinations. Such as resolution, bit-depth, menu/dock position.

    * Would be nice if you also could assign different audio outputs to different desktops as well. Today I have to switch between optical, analog and firewire output depending on what I am working with.

    There is so much functionality you can put into a multi display/desktop system to make it flexible and efficient for those who need it. I have only mentioned what I mostly miss. :)
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    Display menu will let you change the resolution of the displays independently.
  4. Varmann, Jun 18, 2013
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    Yes, but today you can not have different resolutions on the same display on different desktops, and easily switch between them. Not that it is something most people need :)

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