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Discussion in 'iPod' started by rfrankel, Dec 7, 2008.

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    Dec 20, 2005
    Several of the genres I have in iTunes aren't displayed accurately when I sync my iTunes library with my iPod.

    This is what happens. In iTunes I have a genre called Bluegrass, for example. I sync my iTunes library with my iPod. I then select Bluegrass as a genre from the menu on my iPod.

    What I get then is a a page labeled genres with my Bluegrass genre labeled on it, but not just one Bluegrass genre but dozens of them. I get a list of dozens and dozens of genres, each labeled Bluegrass. Most indicate that they contain one artist and one album. Some indicate several artists or several albums.

    But no matter what they indicate, when I select any one of them they take me to a page on my iPod that says "genres" on top, followed by a list beginning with "all songs" , followed by an alphabetical listing of all my Bluegrass songs.

    This problem also exists with other genres labeled Classical or Jazz or whatever (no, I don't have a genre called "whatever".)

    I've restored my iPod and trashed my old iTunes library and library.xml files. I've tried syncing manually and automatically. I've used different cables.The problem persists.
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    Sounds like you mistagged the files and/or put the Genre in a tag other than iTunes genre tag (maybe Grouping).
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    May 28, 2007
    Check the spelling of your genres. Sometimes, iTunes put "Classical" and "classical" as different genres. Or "hip hop/rap" and "hip hop/ rap" as different. Any punctuation, space, capitalization will throw it off. Just sort your music by genre in iTunes, highlight and edit all the songs in genres. So highlight all the Bluegrass songs, tick the box that says genre and enter the genre. That should change any discrepancies and sync all of them to be the same genre.

    On all my iPods, when you click genre, it first go into "all albums", and if you click that, it goes to "all songs", then if you click that, it goes into the list of songs. If your iPod skips the "all album" stage, there is definitely something very wrong with the software.

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