Multiple iCloud Back Ups in One Account

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    Ok, this scenario is a little confusing for me so here goes!!!

    I have an iPad Air 2 and an iPhone 6. Both share my own icloud account for back ups and I have 25gb still left in my cloud.

    My son, has an iPod Touch and he has his own icloud account, however he only has the free option - so he only gets 5gb worth of storage in his cloud. He has no credit card associated on his account - he buys vouchers, which he redeems on his device to buy stuff.

    My question is this : As I have 25gb left on my icloud account and he has actually run out of storage in his cloud, how would I go about backing up his iPod Touch in my cloud (if this is even possible), seeing that we both have 2 different icloud logins?
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    Sep 29, 2014
    You will need to login to his device with your iCloud ID and make it like its your device. This will sync your iCloud related 'stuff' onto his device. Not good. The better option is to pay the buck a month and get him more space. You do this using your credit card during the expanded storage setup. You will be asked for a payment method and this method will only be used for iCloud storage billing. This will not allow iTunes charges. I had to do this for my kids too since the 5GB is just not enough.

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