Multiple iCloud issues


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Jan 1, 2012
Trinidad & Tobago
I have a MacBook Pro (Early 2011) & an iPhone 4 & have been (trying) to use iCloud since it launched earlier this year. However I have been having some issues that I hope this thread would help get resolved. Some of these issues popped up as recently as a couple of days ago (17 Dec).

Mail. I do not get notifications of emails through the Mail app unless I launch the app & wait for it to load up there. Not all the time this is so though. Sometimes they pop up if I get a wifi connection (when I wasn't using any internet connection just prior), reboot the phone, or just randomly when I get notified of emails, some of which came at least an hour prior.

Bookmarks. I use Google Chrome as my primary browser, but sync my bookmarks using Xmarks for both browsers. I do check Safari to see if the bookmarks are synced properly & they are but, they never show up on the iPhone. I have tried at least for a day to use Safari as a primary browser & add bookmarks to see if it would work, but the same result. The only ways I end up getting the bookmarks on are to either follow these instructions or to use the method I did prior to using Xmarks & iCloud which was to save an HTML file of the Chrome bookmarks & import them in Safari (which worked fine).

Photo Stream. This is that recent problem I mentioned. Up until a couple of days ago, this worked fine. Took a pic on iPhone, automatically uploaded to Mac/iPhoto, no problems. Saturday though something seemed to have gone wrong as no photos I have taken since then have been uploaded to iPhoto. This happened before (again after a long period of it working fine) & the solution there was to disable/enable Photo Stream & have it download all the photos again.

Contacts pictures. Not sure if this is necessarily iCloud related, but have a feelng it is. All my contact pictures were suddenly gone a day. I use SmartSync to sync my contact's Facebook pictures to use as their pictures. Never had a problem, until recently. Even when I sync them using the app they don't show up if I get a call from that contact. If I check them in iCloud's Contacts though they are there as if nothing happened.

Again, I am hoping that I could get some solutions/suggestions on how to solve these issues with iCloud.



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Jan 1, 2012
Trinidad & Tobago
Problems 1 & 4 seem to be solved though Photo Stream is becoming a big problem & Bookmarks remains the longest issue I've had with iCloud. No one else is encountering these issues?


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Aug 19, 2009
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I don't have any answers for you, sorry. Just didn't want you to think nobody cared. I have had enough issues with icloud that I choose not to use it.


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Feb 4, 2010
I've had problems as well. Lost all my contact data among other problems. It's not worth it, and I'm staying far away from iCloud. I've disabled anything I can find that uses it.


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Mar 7, 2007
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I haven't had anything drastic like that happen however in the past three days I've had nothing but issues sending messages, getting calendars to sync, and even just simple stuff like moving read emails into a folder on my iMac!

I LOVED MobileMe. I really found it exceedingly easy to use and it just worked for me as I never had any problems. Now iCloud, and I'm not feeling the love, and am having negative thoughts of how safe and available my stuff is. This 'cloud' stuff always made me wonder why the hell I'd ever do it, and now with the failures and other issues with iCloud, I'm thinking I was right. It seems that iCloud is far to dependent on 'the cloud' and forsakes the local system where MobileMe was more of the opposite. I think it was rash and shortsighted for Apple/Jobs to dump a great product like they did.

Now in the startup of MobileMe I only had a few minor hickups and I realized that many other users had much more major ones but still, it got a whole lot better I think pretty quickly... Rant rant rant... It's done. I'm not happy. Thinking of something else... :(

The only thing that I can think of was that I changed my password. However, if simply changing your password screws it up so much, then as Steve would say 'It's ****' and I'd line up the iCloud people and play the rant from Steve that he laid out on the MobileMe people...

And this is AFTER the North Carolina data site was built. (Is it up and running? Does Apple have an excuse?)
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