Multiple IDs. confused.

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    Feb 1, 2011
    I know this has probably been asked a bazillion times but with iCloud i'm hoping there is some change to the situation. Basically i have too many emails and i want to streamline my workflow.

    First is my Gmail account which i've had for years, this was my original Apple ID with lots of purchases, this is also the account i use for the Mac AppStore.

    Then a year a go i wanted the nice integration of contacts, calendar etc.. so i bought a MobileMe account. I started using this for my business email, this was the account i used for syncing my information too.

    Then i decided i wanted a more professional email for my business with my proper domain instead of it's not very professional so now i'm using Office365 Outlook services for my business domain.

    Ok so now i've moved over to iCloud and using the address for iMessage, Find my Friends, Facetime, etc etc..

    In a perfect world i would transfer my purchases to account, use this for personal/apple stuff and then use my domain for business, ditching the gmail account. Is this possible?

    What if i happened to lose my gmail account? what can Apple do to help me keep my purchases? or would i lose them all?

    What if i used my account to sign up to iCloud? will i have 2 icloud accounts? afaik icloud gives u @me account? so i would i end up with another @me account after using my gmail account?

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