Multiple ipad mini, ipods in household.

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    Dec 27, 2013
    New to Mac family…..Several member of my family got ipad mini for Christmas and last night they were using ichat and facetime. 2 teenage girls were trying to ichat each other and It connected to everyone (2 ipads minis, one ipad and 2 iPods) where it connected to everyone in the household…(and one 30 miles away). Later one tried to facetime her brother and the brother declined but it showed up and other accepted.

    Does everyone need to have a seperate itunes account or is that the problem? All of them are minors so we set up under a one email, so that may be the problem also.

    My question is what should/can be done to seperate each one.

    Thanks for your time.
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    Keep one primary apple I/d but also set up separate ones for each person (you can have multiple I/DS on each device.

    Then in setting check which things you want on each device.

    So for example say you want to receive FaceTime calls at the primary I/d then leave that checked under settings/FaceTime on your device.

    On your daughters set it to no under the primary I/d but yes under there own.

    You can then use the primary I/d to make iTunes purchases and not have to buy the same app/song/film multiple times.
    You can manage which goes on what through your iTunes settings.
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    Each person needs their own Apple ID. Once everyone has a unique Apple ID, you can set FaceTime and iMessage to receive messages only to that ID via the Settings app.

    Basically, in family situations, everyone should have their own iCloud Account / Apple ID, but use one iTunes account to purchase any music/video/apps. This way, you don't end up buying multiple copies of the same app/music/video, but each person can have their own calendar/contact/facetime/imessage/etc.
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    What me and my family did is use the same iTunes account so we all get the same music and apps but we all have are own iCloud account so nothing gets messes up. That really is the best way to do it. And setting up iCloud is simple all you do is go to iCloud in setting and hit the button that says set up new iCloud (that might not be the words but all it needs to say is new iCloud) You set it up and every one is fine and you dont need to buy apps and things like that more then once. And best of all nothing will get messed up like you had with the face time or anything like that. And you can have multiple devices for one person that all works as if they had there own account. Tell me how it works or if you have any questions.

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