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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by VanMac, Jun 25, 2007.

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    My iBook HD is full, so I moved my iPhoto Library to an external disk (19 GB of photos)

    This worked OK, and I can point the new library location, and create a new empty library back on my iBook. Using option key to open iPhoto works well to give me selection of Library.

    I would like to know the best way to 'share' photos between libraries. So, my 'master' library will be on large external disk. Current photos and images to edit may reside on 'portable' library. I may pull images from the 'master' library to edit and what not on the road, and then want to integrate back into master library... Or, import photos from camera into iBook library, and then integrate into master library, etc, etc.

    So, what would be the best way to move photos from one library to another.

    Also, does not need to be a fantastic long term solution. I'm hoping to get a new MBP soon and Aperture, and then I will have questions on how to do it with that setup :)

    Thanks in advance...
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    I'd suggest actually just using a small USB powered drive like the WD Passport to house all of the photos and then have a back-up at the house.

    You could also try iPhoto Buddy, but I'm not sure if it'll allow seamless integration of two libraries at the same time.
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    One thing NOT to do is simply drag photos from one place to the other. I did that, and created quite a mess -- I have just now recovered photos that I lost by doing so.

    My idea is much like the OP -- have main library on external, and a few recent photos on internal. I want to keep "this year's" and "last year's" photos on the internal, and at the end of the year, transfer "last year's" photos to the external. In the future, I plan to use the export function from the internal to export whatever was in the last year, and then open the external library and import that way. I believe that will keep things clean.

    Good luck!
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  5. skybolt macrumors 6502a

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    Yes, export from one then import into the other.

    There is also a program called iPhoto Library Manager that will "merge" libraries, etc. that could be useful.

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