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    I’m looking for some guidance. Currently the entire family uses one iTunes account which includes downloaded purchased music and music I loaded from our old CD’s. This has worked fine for us, but now I would rather have my own iTunes account on the same computer. I know I can’t move the purchased music from the existing iTunes account which is fine. However is there a way to move or copy the music I burned from my old CD’s in to my new iTunes account or do I have to re-burn the CD’s to the new iTunes account? I should also note that I would like to have copies of the CD music in both the existing iTunes account and my new account.
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    Jul 7, 2009
    None of the music should have DRM; regardless if purchased from iTunes (anytime recently) or ripped. Just create a new iTunes account, and drag the files over to that iTunes.
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    Try this...

    You should be able to copy all the music to an external harddrive and then copy it to the new coputer or setup a network and copy the files that way. When you import CD's into an iTunes account, I do not believe it locks those songs to that particular iTunes account since they are not purchased. You will need to do some clean up and remove the songs that were purchased under the othe iTunes account once the copy is completed.

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