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    My wife is a kindergarten teacher. She uses old iPods and iPhones as listening stations in her classroom. Normally, the iPods and iPhones are loaded with books and so forth.

    She has inquired as to whether there is a way to make a new iTunes account - which she would use only to keep her school materials.

    She has an iTunes account which she has used for years. It has all of her music and so forth which she has purchased from the Apple Music Store. But when she uses that account on the school iPods / iPhones - iTunes automatically downloads all of the songs from her iTunes accounts onto those iPods / iPhones - which means the kindergarten kids have access to all that music.

    She says she's tried to make a playlist and so forth before, just for the books that she wants not he iPods / iPhones - but again the devices automatically download all her purchased music and so forth.

    Any suggestions? Help!?

    Thank you.
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    Not 100% positive, but perhaps you could try adding your wife's new account to her main one as a family member. Then I believe she would be able to see purchased contents from her main account. If I'm not wrong, I'd think that she only choose to share books with her family account (new account for school work).
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    Sure... there is no problem at all doing that. The only issue is when using that new account on a device she won't have access to music and apps purchased here other account, but it does not sounds like that is a concern.
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    It may not be 100% relevant to kindergarten level using older devices, but Apple has established tools for deploying iOS devices in classrooms, and managing the accounts:

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