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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by a sandwhich, Sep 6, 2010.

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    recently I did a deauthorize all computers on my itunes account so I could bump off an old mac that couldn't connect to the internet. So I authorized my computer for my account to play a few old songs that I had bought before the stop of drm. I just bought an album on my ipod touch on the same account. I hooked my ipod up to my computer and clicked sync. It started transfering the album, then it popped up saying this computer is not authorized to play this music, authorize? I typed in my password and it transfered them and now I can play them. There are now two purchased playlists, one called purchased, and one called purchased on ipod. what does this mean?
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    It's just telling you that the source of the stuff you transferred to your computer from your iPod came from your iPod.

    Other stuff (in the Purchases list) came from purchases you made on the computer itself.

    I think the reason it does this is to remind you that you now have music files on your computer that may not be backed up elsewhere, in case you back up your machine manually and you might forget that that you added these files back to your computer.

    Anyway they are just playlists, you can delete them and the music will still be in your library and wherever you keep your music files.
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    ok. Why did ask to authorize the computer again?

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