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  1. malizivko macrumors member

    May 4, 2012
    My light has 3 bulbs and i dont know how i can turn them on all at the same time from "Home" app. Only option i have is one at the i doing somwthing wrong?

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  2. twinlight macrumors 6502a


    Sep 4, 2016
    Use scenes instead. Set up a scene for three lights and turn that on and off.
  3. malizivko thread starter macrumors member

    May 4, 2012
  4. Debauch macrumors member

    Jul 6, 2013
    You can group lights. Long press > details > group with other accessories.
  5. chuyn macrumors 6502

    Nov 13, 2015
    This right here. You then name the group, like "play room lights" and it'll just show up as one entry in your home app.

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