Multiple minor problems - help?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by ied0135, Mar 21, 2009.

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    The eject key on my wireless keyboard seems to not work anymore. I have re paired the keyboard, changed batteries. Still nothing. When I press and hold the key, the transparent eject widow shows on screen, but the CD does not respond. So I have to click the eject button to the side of the CD name located in the sidebar of a finder window.

    Another problem is with whatever I eject from the sidebar, it doesn't disappear off the sidebar once ejected. If I click the item on the sidebar, it does nothing, acting as if its not there, but clearly visible. Also, when I try to safely eject a USB flash drive, it won't let me because it says it's the drive is still in use. I will have nothing running on my mac, nothing, and still no bueno. Only way to make them disappear is to restart my mac. This is no serious problem of course, but annoying. Call me OCD but I like having the sidebar, and any other window or my desktop as clean and empty as possible.

    Next problem, which is no big deal, but who knows, is my caps lock key. It always enables, and disables fine, but the little green LED on the key sometimes works, and sometimes doesn't. So I never know if caps lock is on or not until typing. I know this is a stupid problem to be complaining about, but I thought for a key that is rarely used, and a keyboard that's only 6 months old shouldn't be having this issue.

    Thanks for any help guys.
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    There are times when the CD just does not want to eject. It could be because it has trouble reading the disk. There are lots of suggestions on the net, but one that seems to work consistently is shut the unit down and wait 10-15 minutes. Start the unit up and the machine will spit out the disk out.

    As for device in use not ejecting, sometimes there is a system lag or if the App is still open that just used the device (even if you closed the file) you need to close that app before the device will eject.

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