Multiple MM accounts syncing same calendar?

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    Hi all,

    Is it possible to have multiple MobileMe accounts (part of a family pack) to sync with the same calendar, but seperate email, contacts, iPhones etc. Also, each MM account will be on seperate computers, if it makes a difference.

    Any help much appreciated.
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    This subject comes up a lot. At this time you can't share/subscribe calendars with the MM Web Interface. I hope they do this soon.

    There are other options. If you have a Mac you can share you MM Calendar with iCal. On the iPhone you can Subscrbe to Shared Calendars (I have not done this myself).

    With iOS 4 they added the ability to have multiple Exchange Accounts. I am not sure if/when this happen but it appears you can have multiple MM Accounts as well. If true then you could add your wifes account but only sync the calendar and vice versa. Of course both would have userid/password access to everything. Another option if this is true is to create a third account in MM (under the family account) and call it "ours" and with that account put those things you want to share. I have not tried this myself but I did try to add a second MM Account and it did not object in the beginning.

    Since I use Google for sharing calendars at work I have been using that to share calendars.

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