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    We have 2 networks here at work. One has a dedicated internet connection, the other is just a second (slower) dedicated internet connection but also has a NAS on it. (Two isolated networks, two routers, separate wiring, separate DSL connections, etc etc.. ) On my Mac Pro I have both plugged in. I get my internet from the primary connection (Ethernet 1, the top service order on my network pane) and back in SL I could access the NAS on the other connection (Ethernet 2) in my shared section from the finder. Upgraded to Lion and now I have to disable my primary network for the NAS to show up (falls back to the secondary connection with the NAS on it.)
    If I reboot into SL they both appear again and I'm getting internet from the main line (Ethernet 1). Is there a setting or something I'm missing to get this back? It's annoying.

    /Edit I should add when I have both network connections plugged in and working I get internet and a IP on a network, but I can still access the NAS on it's separate 192.168 network in Safari to use it's web based admin. (It's a QNAP 8 bay box) I still don't see it in the shared section though, for that I need to disable my 10.x network in the System prefs Network panel and be solely on the 192.x network.
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    I'm surprised the OS handles this differently. On my Lion box, if I enable both wifi and wired at the same time, I'm not sure which one "wins" but they're both on the same subnet (different IP). I tend to just leave one of them off unless I have a large amount of data to copy.

    Apple tends to offer 90 days of free support with any OS update. I know they did when I got Lion so it might be worth calling Applecare. When they ask you to pay for an incident, say you have an exception and state you just bought Mountain Lion (or Lion if you recently bought it). Of course if it's been a while since you bought anything from Apple, you are faced with a trudge to the Apple store. In that event, I've found Apple's "community support" to be pretty responsive. You go through submitting a support request but stop short of making a genius appointment or requesting support but instead create a post in Apple's forums.

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