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Discussion in 'macOS' started by beatledud, Jun 16, 2009.

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    So I want to convince the buying powers that be to purchase some Leopard copies for our office. We have a few macs, (a couple MacPros, MBPs, PowerBooks and G5s) all with leopard on them. One MacPro needs to be restored, and we no longer have restore discs for computers with these specs. Obvious, the only solution here is to purchase a retail copy of Leopard to do an reinstall. If I did this, I'd like to get everyone out of the old Tiger OS. Since it is no longer supported and will soon be 2 versions old, this seems like an obvious course to take.

    Ofcourse there are a couple issues. I'd much rather wait for Snow Leopard since the stability, speed and size performance increases will certainly be beneficial on older intel based macs. It just makes sense that if you're going to do a large update, not to do it right before the release of a new OSX. However, Snow Leopard also won't work on the powerpc based machines, so not everyone can update. And is there a similar 10 dollar discount deal to people who purchase just Leopard and not a whole new machine after June 8th?

    Also, with some research I have been unable to find enterprise licenses for Leopard, meaning we must buy one full copy for each computer. Has anyone had any experiences with Apple getting discounts for buying multiple copies? Any rumors that Snow Leopard will have this buying feature? Perhaps I should buy one copy of Leopard now to repair this machine, then switch that copy over to powerpc if/when we upgrade it to Snow Leopard.

    Then there's the whole you have to purchase box set from Apple to upgrade Snow Leopard from Tiger. Leopard now is $130, the upgrade will be $30, but the current box set is $170. Why wouldn't I just buy the two OSes. And won't Leopard's price drop considerably after SL is released? What are your thoughts on how to proceed?
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    Once snow leopard is released, the price of Leopard will not change.
    The only deal is if you buy a qualifying new Mac, then the SL upgrade is $10.
    Remember that Leopard requires an 867 mhz CPU and really wants at least a gig of memory to run well. If any of your systems are less than 867 mhz, you have a problem. I don't see where you got $170 for a 'box set'.
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    I think he's talking about the 'Family pack'.


    I just check with our IT guy. We don't have an enterprise deal either, though we have only 20 Macs right now, so it doesn't matter much. But I'm positive they'll be willing to talk if your numbers are greater.

    Do you plan to use Apple Remote Desktop to perform the upgrades?
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    We don't have more than 20 macs, so from the sounds of it, no go on the discount. Probably a good thing since most will be a case by case basis on upgrades since there is such a mix of macs in the office.

    When I mean box set, I mean the "Mac Box Set" which currently sells Leopard, iLife, and iWork for $170. We won't want iWork nor will we need iLife, but apparently that's how it will be sold if you aren't upgrading it straight from Leopard.

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