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  1. Erieg macrumors newbie

    Jul 18, 2008
    I seem to be having an issue with the calendar synch. My setup is to synch my work outlook calendar, my home pc outlook calendar and my iPhone. I will soon be adding a new macbook into the mix as soon as my wife decides I can have my shiney B-Day present early (life lessons for the kids be damaned).

    Here is the issue. I started the setup process with my home PC. Activated synching annd had no problems getting the info to the cloud and the info hit my iPhone. I left synching on automatic.

    The next morning I got to work and enabled synching on my companies excahnge. Here is where the fun started. When I selected synch it came up and told me that "over 5% of your enteries will be modified do you want to continue?". I shrugged and hit yes. opps. My work calendar was wiped and only contained what was on my home pc. I expected the entries to be merged.. what did I do wrong? I had to hit my exchange admin up to restore my entries (good thing he owed me a few favors).

    Before I had my work entries restored I was poking around with the synching. When I would make a change (add an event) and I would then get a warning that it could not be synched because another device was uplading to the server. Was this my home pc that I left on with auto synch?

    So I cant leave it on as I do currently so my wife can figure out where I am and if it is a good time to reach me?

    As it stands now, I am too hesitand to use the calendar sych between my devices again. I can never, never have the chance that my calendar entries will wiped again They are way too important to risk them.

    What did I do wrong? Am I only supposed to be synching one computer with the cloud and phone?
  2. freediverdude macrumors 6502a

    Dec 26, 2006
    I know Apple will tell you that it's not working because outlook can only synch to one service at a time, blah blah blah, but a real big reason why this will never be allowed is because corporations will not want their email to go outside of their networks or approved wireless devices for security reasons. You also should not be wanting some of your home emails winding up on your work computer for IT personnel to be able to read.

    I know it sounds cool to have your work and home emails and everything all merged, but it just won't be allowed. There's too many privacy and security issues there. MobileMe is for all your personal computers, and exchange is for all the work stuff.

    The closest you're going to get is having an iPhone from work that does exchange from there, as well as being able to add your home email and/or MobileMe as an additional service. But the desktop computers have to stay separate in most corporate worlds, aside from maybe a virtual desktop at home or something through the web.
  3. ToneMonkey macrumors member

    Oct 5, 2007
    OP was referring to calendar, no mention of email

    There *SHOULD* be no problem from a security standpoint syncing calendars and address books (contacts) and you don't need Exchange to do that. I sync my WM phone with my corporate Outlook client and have no problems whatsoever. Even Yahoo! Sync will let you sync calendars and address books. OK, it's just as buggy as ME, but still... ME should work better (work as advertised!). No one running Outlook 2003 seems to be able to update the cloud for very long before it wedges.
  4. Erieg thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jul 18, 2008
    Freediverdude, I am not trying to synch email, just contacts and calendar entries. If MM is grabbing the info from outlooks .pst file I would think it really wouldn't matter if it a work pc or personal. Maybe the problem I had was that I synched my personal pc to the cloud before my work pc... you would still think it would merge though and not delete the calendar entries on the 2nd machine.

    Dunno.. I think I am going to let this service settle a bit before I try again. As of two minutes ago I couldn't wiew my MM calendar online, keeps saying "server error" try again later.

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