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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by jclardy, Nov 15, 2016.

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    So before I try this I'm wondering if anyone else has. My monitor for my 12" rMB has a USB-C input, which works much better on this new Pro (Actually supports 60hz 4k and scaled resolutions.) It also supplies power, but apparently not enough to charge this new laptop. In fact, not even enough to hold charge, as my battery is slowly draining.

    My question is, does the laptop choose only one port to charge from if there are multiple potential charging sources? As it seems I am going to have to plug in the included power cord for the time being until I find a better solution (Probably a dock with integrated power passthrough.) I'm thinking it does, but I'm flying out in a day from now and don't want to accidentally fry my new laptop before the trip (When I get back, maybe ;))
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    Which monitor and MBP are you using. If it's the 13", most monitors should provide enough power to charge that (60W). If the 15", then the only monitor is the upcoming 5K LG unit (not being sold yet).

    As for the port question, the system will determine which one is providing the most power and use that. It will NOT use more then one port to receive power.
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    Ok, that is what I thought as far as multiple power sources. The monitor I have is the LG 27UD88-W, interestingly that page does say that it supports charging laptops up to 60w. I'll have to try it again tomorrow. It was plugged in to the right side ports, but I don't think that should matter...maybe there is a some monitor config setting I have to change.

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