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Discussion in 'iMac' started by tech0925, Feb 12, 2014.

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    Hello everyone!

    Just bought the new iMac today. 27" iMac

    Obviously very excited :)

    I have a couple of questions.

    I am a web developer and I have two screens on my custom built PC. This obviously makes developing websites much easier.

    I read I can have multiple screens with this iMac as well. However, I don't know how to go about this. Do I need another cable for this? Can i add two more monitors to this? Is it possible to use the same iMac mouse and keyboard and be able to scroll over into my windows desktop?

    Second, I would like to change the scroll on the mouse. It just feels backwards to me. Slide up to scroll down. How can I switch it to slide up and scroll up?

    Finally, how can I use the right click function much like windows? I don't like having to hit control and then right click.

    Thanks guys!
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    Buy a Mini DisplayPort to DVI adaptor.

    The keyboard and mouse are compatible with either OS. You may need to install Boot Camp drivers to get full functionality on Windows though.

    To invert scrolling direction, go to System Preferences → Trackpad or Mouse → Scroll and Zoom → Uncheck natural scroll direction.

    To enable right click/secondary click, go to System Preferences → Trackpad or Mouse → Point and Click-change to Click in bottom right corner.

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    As already stated, it's as simple as clicking a few buttons in the Mouse preferences to switch behaviors in Mac OS.

    As far as the dual monitor support, no problem. The cable previously mentioned will allow you to connect a second monitor. I have a Dell 30" LCD connected to my 27" iMac and it works great. Just remember to buy the proper cable. DVI for most monitors, but you MAY need a Dual Link DVI connector which costs a little more.
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    I suspect you will be running windows in parallels or fusion or similar vm software, since you talk about running both OS's at the same time. This will work great, and you can easily drag windows over to one of the other monitors, and full screen it. Simply moving the mouse between the screens will be seamless, as fusion/parallels will capture the mouse/keyboard for you.

    As stated, get the monitors first, then figure out which adapters you need. You can pretty much go from those TB ports on your machine (you should have two) to any display protocol.. (vga, DVI, HDMI, DP, or MDP). If you get a 2560 monitor that is DVI, then you will need the active DVI dual link cable, which is $100, so factor that into the cost of the monitor (might be cheaper to get the monitor with DP or MDP built, it wont take up one of your USB ports either).

    This will use both of your TB ports, though, leaving none available for data. If this is important to you, then I'd recommend the TBD from apple, which will replicate the TB port for you, leaving you will the capability to add data TB later on.
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    Just as an aside to the above advice there is a program called Sharemouse which allows you to use one system, pc or mac, to control and manipulate others.

    In my current configuration I have an iMac 27 with x2 23" cinema displays left and right. A Vaio TT laptop connects to a 27" monitor above the iMac and a Vaio Duo 11 is below the iMac. With Sharemouse I can sweep my mouse between the systems and drag and drop files etc between them. It works flawlessly and allows you to use the power of all 3 systems to perform tasks while also being able to use different operating systems natively without bogging down one system. Just my 2c.

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