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    Hey folks,

    I've got a few movies I've imported from my DVD collection into iTunes. Each movie has a 3 or 4 different subtitle tracks. I've discovered the way to turn on/select the default subtitles in the preferences pane of iTunes, but I only see one subtitle track available (in this case, english), and the other tracks (French and Spanish) are nowhere to be seen. Changing the language of the default subtitle track seems to do nothing to change it - leaving me with the option of only english subtitles (which aren't much use to me).

    I know for a fact the other subtitle tracks exist because they play fine in VLC.

    Any help on rescuing my orphaned subtitles? Is iTunes capable of holding more than one subtitle file? It seems to recognize the alternate language audio tracks just fine, but not the subtitles.

    Maybe the upcoming version of iTunes to support the iPhone 5 will address this?
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    What keeps you from just using VLC for movies.
    Personally I think iTunes is bloated crapware.
    I cannot test it as I have no iTunes playable movie files with multiple subs but I suppose it assumes that you want your subtitle in the default system language.
    So you'd have to change your preferences in the system prefs-> language&text.

    Or there is some differences in the files. VLC can handle anything. iTunes is rather limited maybe some sub tracks got ripped in proper format and the others in another.

    Really just use VLC or if you want a app to manage movies in such an iphoto way look at the Plex player. GGjstudio recommended it to me. I don't like it but if I saw any use in iTunes for movies at all I would definitely choose Plex before iTunes.
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    As dusk007 has stated it, iTunes shouldn't be used unless you need a subtitle format also playable / renderable on iOS devices. If you don't, just use VLC.

    More info:

    1, iTunes only supports textual subtracks, not bitmap ones, unlike VLC and other, advaced 3rd party players

    2, there can be any number of them

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