Multiple usb-c plug?

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    I feel like so many of Apple’s products are headed towards USB-C outlets (eg. the MacBooks, recent Apple Watch charger, new iPad rumors, etc.). Does anyone know of a wall plug that can allow a couple or several USB-C ports though? I know there are plenty out there that can accommodate multiple USB-B outlets and maybe a single USB-C outlet. Is this more of a limitation with electrical capabilities?
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    USB-A is the common port (skinny rectangular), not B. USB-B is the one that printers and some hard drives docks and USB hubs and switches use (also often found on the backs of monitors). USB 2.0 B is sort of squarish and USB 3 B is that same squarish connector with an extra hump on top of it.

    Anyway, rather than buy a new charger with multiple USB C ports, another option would be to purchase USB-A to USB-C cables. The A side plugs into your regular USB multi-port charger, the C side plugs into whatever is being charged.

    The added bonus is that you'll always be able to charge your USB C devices from any available USB-A charging port anywhere.
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    I have three devices that use USB-C ports on them for charging.

    All three came with a USB-A wall plug, and a USB-A-to-USB-C cable.

    Yes, it will be nice when USB-C is the connector of choice on the charger end, too, but for now, just get a multi-A wall plug, and use A-to-C cables.

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