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    Greetings everyone, i am new to this forum and to the OS X world.

    I am trying to achieve something with my new Macbook Pro 13 Retina 2015, and i'm not sure which options i need to choose to fit my needs.

    So i have my main account - administrator, where i am logged in everything, app store with my ID , my Emails and on the internet everywhere with my accounts.

    I will be sharing my Mac with my wife, and although we could share the same login, we find it a bit cumbersome to switch Facebook accounts, Skype and all these every time we use the mac.

    So what i want to achieve is at follows.

    2 Accounts, mine as Admin her as Standard User, but in such a way that we can share the same installed apps, all the files (Pictures, Music, Videos and Documents).
    I want to achieve this to save space, as in not have the same apps installed on two profiles, as that was the way Windows used to work (if i am not wrong).

    Kindly waiting for your advice!

    Thank you.
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    Nov 23, 2011
    All apps will be shared when creating a new user.

    1) Apple Menu > System Preferences


    2) Users & Groups


    3) Click the padlock at the bottom-left to unlock. Enter system password when prompted.


    4) Click + to add a new user.


    5) Select standard user


    To enable file/folder sharing for specific folders for all users on Mac:

    1) Right-click folder in question and select 'Get Info'


    2) Again click the Padlock to unlock, and press the + to add a new user


    3) Then select the newly created user and select their privilege level. Read only means they can see the data but can't edit it. Read & Write means they can edit the data too.
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