Multiple whatsapp account on same Apple ID

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    Apr 4, 2017
    Dear folks,

    First, my environment is I have two iPhones with the same Apple ID signed in, with updated whatsapp version but different phone numbers. All my iOS version is 10.3.1.

    I am trying to migrate the chat history from my old iPhone 6s to iPhone 7. During restore, the original SIM card is put into iPhone 7 but I put another active SIM card and completed the change number process.

    The issue happened after I restored my 6s' whatsapp backup to my iPhone 7. After successfully restore from iCloud, when I try to use the iCloud backup feature of whatsapp, it seems halt around 94% (292.6 mb). I tested and isolated this is my network issue. It did not reproducible on my original iPhone 6s.

    I am a bit hesitant to delete the original backup on iCloud, as a fact I wonder if it is related to same Apple ID. May I know

    1. If I have 2 phone numbers but one Apple ID, can I backup/restore all whatsapp' backup per phone number? So how whatsapp determines which backup when I tried to backup/restore on iCloud?

    2. Is it possible be the iCloud performance? (In fact, I don't know if the backup is to whatsapp's server or iCloud)

    3. Is this a compatibility bug among whatsapp and iOS 10.3.1?

    Any help will be appreciate your prompt response.

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    Apr 4, 2017
    I tried to migrate my WhatsApp's chat messages from my old iPhone 6s to iPhone 7

    Here is what I have:

    - one iPhone 6s and one iPhone 7
    - Enabled WhatsApp iCloud backup with same Apple ID
    - two phones are active with a working SIM card
    - iPhone is in iOS 10.3.1 and the most updated WhatsApp (version 2.7.1) from Apple App Store

    Steps to reproduce the issue:

    1. Download WhatsApp through App Store

    2. Choose to "restore from iCloud" after enter your used phone number

    3. Restore success, and manually trigger the iCloud backup in WhatsApp. The first time should work.

    4. If you trigger any iCloud backup afterwards, it will halt at 95%

    It will works again if you remove your WhatsApp backup on iCloud but it is repeating step 3-5 only, however, I tested with different iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 can reproduce the issue.

    Remove the WhatsApp backup on iCloud and start without backup does not work too. It will simply repeat step 3-4. It is not related to the size of backup as I tried to restore an empty backup already.

    What you can do is to quit WhatsApp and reboot your iPhone, but WhatsApp will show you the last backup time same as the fail backup. Proven this is not a network stability/performance issue and no app installed on the new iPhone 7 (just software come with factory settings)

    WhatsApp can still be functioning. Cross tested with four iCloud accounts, 2 iPhone 6s and 2 iPhone 7.

    Any help is appreciated.

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