Multiple Windows Installs?


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Jun 4, 2003
I have to use Windows at work.

They issued me a MacBook, with access to OS X completely disabled.

I am forced to use Windows, and IT has locked this thing down so tightly that I can't do anything other than use the software that they have pre-installed.

I have a plan...

I will be buying a MacBook Pro in a few days. My hope is that I can somehow find a way, using Win Clone perhaps, to create an exact copy of the Bootcamp partition on the MacBook, and reinstall it on the MacBook Pro.

Let the work partition stay locked down... Fine. Just as long as I can use OS X.

I am hoping to do that, and then use Parallels Desktop to access my stuff for work.

Ideally though, I'd like to install a second copy of Windows, for my own tinkering.

I've never owned a Windows computer, but I still want it there just in case... I thought I might try some PC games.

Most of what I've read online says this can't be done, even though a few people claim to have made it work.

None of those articles are recent though, so I was hoping that this has become a lot simpler now.

I don't honestly know if ANY of this will work, as I haven't tried it yet.

Can any of you chime in and give me some guidance before I make the attempt?

Thanks ahead of time.


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Apr 22, 2010
If it is that locked down, then I would abandon all thoughts of this sort. Cloning the drive would be a violation of policy and using it on your own computer would be a major violation of policy. If they are that hard on security, you more than likely will get caught doing something unauthorized and risk being fired. In this day and age security violations are frowned upon.


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Jun 4, 2003
My solution isn't as elegant as I wanted, but I have one.

They're giving me access to the server via remote connection.

It will allow me to access the domain without a continuous connection to it.

But hey, I found a way to use my own computer.

I ordered a fully loaded 15" MacBook Pro today, and I will have it tomorrow.

2.4 GHZ, 8 GB RAM, 750 GB 7,200 RPM HDD, Hi-Res Antiglare screen, preloaded with Parallels 7 and Windows 7 Professional.

I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. 


In what way is Mac OS X "completely disabled"?
It won't load without admin access.
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