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    Dec 19, 2004
    I was just wondering if there are good wireless headphones that can be connected to the TV RCA output. A system with one base unit connected to the audio output and transmit to multiple headphone sets. I know there are some multi-headphone systems but all I saw seemed chincy at $40 or less a set.

    I'm looking more in the $80 to $100 per headphone range. I don't want to split a single audio output among multiple base stations due to the decreased signal quality. The must haves are expandable, good range, clear audio, digital radio transmitter, excellent battery life and able to handle 3+ headphones.

    Currently I have an old Sony single headphone set. It is decent but uses analog radio so you get a lot of static moving around. It is also fifteen years old and still uses the same rechargeable battery. The battery has never ran flat.
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    Aug 11, 2012
    Silent safaris multiple wireless headphone specialists

    Try having a look at the Silent Safaris multiple wireless headphone system. They have 3 years experience hiring 1000's of this custom spec headphone made specifically for use as multiple user from one source.

    We are a small company, but this is all we do, and have so for 3 years. http//

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