Multitasking with more than one iDevice.

Discussion in 'iPad' started by eagleglen, Mar 9, 2011.

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    When I'm out using my iPad, usually at a coffee shop or in the library, I've found I keep both my iPhone and iPad on the table in front of me. Music and texting are mainly done on the iPhone. I also use it's dictionary a lot and to quickly look something up. The iPad is what I mostly read from and also to type anything lengthily. When I'm away from home, I can be pretty productive with this setup.

    I haven't read much about people using the iPad and iPhone together, just if one or the other is better, so I was curious if anyone else finds themselves working this way. Just to clarify, when I get home, I usually transfer the drafts of any papers I've started on the iPad to my MBP to edit and finalize, so I'm not proposing this as a laptop/desktop replacement.
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    I do the same exact thing. My iphone is great but if I have my iPad it's my main email station, browser and in many cases my reference device. I don't "create" much of anything in terms of documents there, but I do use it to carry my pdf's and documents that I often reference. Much easier to pull up company financials on the iPad in Good Reader than to boot up my laptop and open Acrobat.

    My phone is my texting tool, phone, music device and is loaded with a number of apps that either don't function or have a twin on the iPad.

    Both are my productivity tools. Mainly types of uses and apps are:

    Viper Remote: Controls and starts my cars
    Contacts Calender, email, etc..
    Grocery IQ: Share shopping lists with spouse and manage items/costs
    Motion X: Excellent GPS. Works on both but I drive it mainly from my phone
    Dragon Speaking
    Alarm Clock
    Pandora + other music apps
    Tip Calcs
    Various Shopping bar code tools

    Good Reader
    Perfect Browser
    Contacts Calender, email, etc..
    Note taking
    Webex/Goto Meeting
    Remote PC Access
    Card Games
    Weather apps
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    Two recently discovered iOS tips

    That's a good list of what each does best. I guess my main point is how useful it is to have both within reach.

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