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    Since moving up to iOS 5, I've been having a number of issues with the Music App on my 2G iPad. Quite often the wrong album artwork is displayed. At first I thought perhaps the problem was with iTunes, but after going through my music library I find all my albums have the correct artwork. Sometimes the artwork displays in a much poorer quality than I know it's been saved.

    Another more bothersome issue is that when playing music I'll end up with a black screen with two brown lines running vertically along the sides and the top controls seem to be pushed over to the left instead of being centered. The bottom options (Playlists/Songs/Artists/Albums/More) disappear and are unavailable. The only solution for this I've found is rather inelegant; rotate the iPad 90 degrees, click on the small album icon to bring up a large view of the album art, rotate the iPad back 90 degrees and then click on the album art to dismiss it.

    Any ideas on a more permanent solution?
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    I've noticed the artwork issue too. My fix is click the sync button when your device is hard wired in (not wifi sync) and restart device after sync. Seems to work

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