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    Few questions for you all:

    1) I notice sometimes on my 4S that when I open the music app, it briefly shows what it showed the last time I opened it (meaning either the scrubbing bar positioned at an earlier part of the song that is currently playing, or the previous song), then it quickly shows what it's supposed to. Is this minor delay normal?

    2) Also, my iPhone froze while using Facebook a few weeks ago and then rebooted. I restored it to factory settings and it hasn't happened again (the music app is unchanged however). Was the freeze most likely a software related issue that was completely fixed by the restore, or could it have been caused by defective hardware that will create more problems down the line?

    3) Final question, is it normal for apps to take slightly longer to open the first time you tap to open them after unlocking the phone, even if they were in the multitasking bar in the first place? For example, if I press the home button, enter my passcode and arrive at the home menu, then I open Settings (which is already in the multitasking bar from when I last used the phone), then press the home button and open Settings again, will it naturally load it slower the first time, and open faster the second?

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer my questions!
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