Music app, my local NPR, and a problem with that

Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by Schtibbie, Sep 23, 2016.

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    Since upgrading to ios 10 (10.0.1) on my iphone 6, I notice that the music app suddenly doesn't work reliably with "talk" radio stations I listen to. AND I'm not even sure they're officially supported anymore - maybe someone can tell me if that's getting phased out. I usually use the music app to listen to my local NPR station, KUT 90.5. Also sometimes CBS News radio. I still SEE those stations in the Radio tab, and sometimes they'll start but then stop playing audio a minute or a few minutes later, never to start again.

    What makes me think they're "deprecated" is: I'm not sure how I'd ever find my local NPR in the app if I didn't already have it as a recent station. All I find is a generic NPR on the "all stations" listing in the app.
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    I've been using 3rd party apps for streaming terrestrial radio on my iPhone. I don't have a "perfect" solution but lately I've been using "Audials".
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    Wait...there were local NPR stations in the Music app?! I listened to various nationally broadcast talk radio stations all the time (BBC Radio News, a non-local NPR, ESPN) and had no idea that local stations were there. How did you initially find them?

    Oh and thank you for posting this - It got me to check the "News and Sports" section of Apple Music, and it seems like the BBC World News is back, as it had been removed for some reason in later versions of iOS 9, which I hated. I wouldn't have found that so quickly otherwise. :)

    Edit: @Schtibbie, I went and just searched "NPR" and, under the radio station section of the search results, pulled up about 20ish local NPR affiliates from all over the country. But not mine! So I then searched "Boston," my home city, and in the radio station section of the results, the top results were two local NPR affiliates. So it does seem like they're search-able, even if they're not displayed in the "News and Sports" section of the Radio tab. I hope this helps! All of these stations should be displayed there IMO...I mean, it looks like there are dozens of them, but they're so hard to find.

    Now if they would only get my local sports stations in the app I'd be very happy!

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