Music being deleted off my iPhone 6 Plus


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Jan 28, 2016
SO... music keeps being deleted off my iPhone 6 Plus . For example... I put the acid rap mixtape by chance the rapper on my phone yesterday morning.Then when I left work some tracks were missing. When I woke up this morning the rest of the album was gone. This happens at least once a week. It is not just with that album... It's with any song I add to my phone from my computer.

I updated to the newest ios.
iTunes match is not on

Thoughts? Has this happened to anyone else?


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Apr 19, 2016
I have had an issue with this also. I have tons of songs and playlists created then I go to music to play and phone shows everything is in the cloud and tells me I have to listen over wi-fi. These songs were ON my phone why were they delteted and how are they deleted if I don't remove them does apple run some type of script that removes only music???
I had a mix of apple music purchased for the apple store and my own cds or other mp3 tunes.

This also happens to my podcasts I download them to my phone and then several days later go to listen to one and its gone....