Music/documents won't transfer from external hard drive

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    Hey guys, I'm having a problem transferring music and documents from my portable external hard drive. The weird thing (at least to me) is that pictures are transferring just fine, it's only the music and documents I have on there that won't transfer over. It's a Seagate external, so it's already formatted to work for both PC/Mac. Is there anything I can do to remedy this?
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    Odd. You can try to force copy them in terminal using unix.

    Open up

    Type the mount command to figure out where your external drive is mounted.

    Let's say it's in "/Volumes/External Drive" and you want to copy everything over *.* to a folder on your desktop called "new"

    Use the command

    cp -fivR /Volumes/External\ Drive ~/Desktop/new

    Note that because I have a space in the disk "External Drive", I need to put a \ before the space to escape it. Do this for each space in your folder or disk name.

    You can use the tab key to autocomplete folder names that you've started typing, which should be helpful.

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