Music from PC to MBP


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Jul 5, 2007
My MBP should be here in about a week and I'm starting to worry that my music on ITunes will be lost. I have approximately 375 songs that are from neither CDs nor the ITunes store; downloaded from Limewire. I'm running a Dell PC, soon to be mothballed, but it doesn't have a DVD burner so I'm stuck with either trying to burn CDs, 20songs at a time as the CD's I have are 80MB, or hopefully something easier. I do not have a removable hard drive and no flash drive either. According to Apple, I cannot use my IPod as a flash drive because I'm going from a PC to a Mac and not Mac-Mac or PC-PC. What the heck do I do? :eek:


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Mar 8, 2007
as long as the ipod is PC formatted you can use your ipod as a removable drive between your PC and your Mac, so therefore all you have to do is go to your itunes music folder on your PC drag all 375 songs from limewire onto your ipod, then hook it up to your mac and drag it all off and import it all into itunes,
i did the exact same thing when i got my macbook...


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Aug 30, 2006
You could also send it across via a home network. That's what I did (mind you it took a while to shift 12gig of music that way) :)