Music making programs?


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Mar 15, 2005
whats a good music producing program?
i've been playing around with GarageBand for awhile and want to get a little more advanced. maybe one where i could sample mp3's and stuff.


Jan 18, 2005
theres the obvious Logic, but its fairly pricey.

i suppose Audacity could be used as an MP3 sampler but thats like making a cup out of wood i suppose.

had a wonderful app on PC, Modplug Tracker. alright it only made .mods and the likes but i found it very useful. havnt yet found a mod tracker for Mac :(


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Jan 22, 2003
In your head.
There are diffrent kinds of music production. What do you want to do? What do you know how to do? While most people will tell you that there is noting better than ProTools, I'll differ. I work with audio, and for the most part on the PC, mostly with Sonic Foundries suite (SoundForge and Vegas).

Visiting a mac audio/music site would help more. Every software program has its forums, visit them and post or just lurk. You'll learn a lot about the software based off its users.

Taken from this thread on a simular topic.- I'm lazy.
Thoughts on Soundtrack:
Soundtrack is almost as friendly as Garage Band. I find is a bit bloated, but I like its’ search, organization features, and samples better than Garage Band. They are really going to have to add features to make it on par with the other pro-apps. (But it was free with FCP, so who is complain.)

Reason is fantastic. A good mix of old school and new school. My musician friends can't live with out owning the license Reason Home

Ableton Live is just that. Met the programmers, and their live music is always good. It's a powerful tool that can make music sound beautiful or it can be used to scare away the sprits of Bauhaus or Dataests movements (not a small feet). Catch the Ableton brothers live with Live if you can when they are in the U.S. The will even talk shop.

Peak is a good substitution for Logic (but if I could afford LogicPro- I would buy it!). Bias's SoundSoap is pretty good, on par with Sonic Foundries (PC) Noise Reduction plug-ins (at least for automatic reduction). [/URL]

Free cross platform editor For a free product, it really is good.

Cycling 74 Software offers SoundFlower for free. It's a free audio routing program, and it's not as easy as Audio Hijack, but it's free. Use in conjunction with SoundFlower Bed- also free.

AudioHijack is a great router/recorder. It's easy and allows for easy routing and recording.

Garage Band is a good start for screwing around with loops. I don't have use for it or Soundtrack, but I have fiddled around enough with both to know that they are fun to use.

Side note: There are DJ’s and then there are Turntablests. Likewise in the world of electronica, there are theirs of musicians. The Abelton Brothers are really good. There are electronica artists that are better, but I would say that they are well above average. They don’t just slap samples together with effects, but manipulate the sounds as notes and instruments- just as the best acustic artists do. What makes them different, and sets them apart is that they coded the software that they use.


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Dec 26, 2002
Albuquerque, NM
Duff-Man simplify Eniregnat's excellent post (which refers to some excellent applications) you really need to tell us what you are trying to accomplish and how much $$ you are willing to invest...from there you'll probably get some more informed responses....oh yeah!


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Mar 15, 2005
i want to create music as a hobby. mostly 'hiphop' style music with samples and a keyboard, nothing too advanced.
i looked at some of those programs and they are WAAAY more pricey than i imagined. i have a friend that works at an Apple store and even with a discount it would be way too much $.
i guess for now, i will have to stick with GarageBand. Thanks for the info though.


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Sep 23, 2003
London, England
Reason is what you want, I think it is good value for money . If you set up a real studio with all the synths & modules Reason has, it would cost you a small fortune. & you also get tones of loops & samples.