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  1. Mad4WDW, Aug 25, 2015
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    Last 2 days I've had tons of lock ups on my iPhone. I've tried going into Music inside the settings app and it freezes my phone. As soon as I tap music everything locks up, nothing will scroll. A few minutes later it unfreezes but I'm back where I started. Basically I cant get to the setting to turn off Apple Music. If I try opening the iTunes and App store settings its exactly the same. I can however open the iCloud settings

    I've had tons of problems over the last few months with smart playlists not matching between devices, play counts not registering, slow downloads of songs. There is an endless list of stuff wrong with the software (lack of) design its unbelievable. This is the most bug riddled piece of junk software I've ever used.

    Anyway has anyone else had problems with the settings app? If so how did you work around it? I can't even turn the POS off now.

    EDIT- Updates from the app store wont download either Its killing my battery in double quick time as well, my iphone 6 is getting hot and draining as it tries to endlessly log into icloud or whatever its doing.
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    Mad4WDW you are not alone with this issue and same goes with Apple Music now I am wondering why I should pay $9.99 for AM if it is not going to work or any news for a update soon as possible.

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