Music showing up as "other"?

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    Jan 24, 2014
    I've tried looking this up and can't find a solution. This is beyond frustrating. Some songs work, some don't. I've restored my iphone multiple times, from backup and new, and this is still happening, and its a different amount of songs every time. I'm past upset at this point, I haven't done anything different lately, and this is now happening every time. I really need help here, I would really appreciate it. Please someone help me, before I take a bat to my computer/iphone.
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    First, I am assuming you are saying when you restore your phone music is loading in "other". I also assume you have iTune Match. If this is what is happening:

    Turn off iTunes Match on your phone (setting iTune/App Store)

    Open iTunes and plug up phone I assume you have a recent backup so I will skip that)

    Click on the phone and on the summary page next to "check for update" is "restore phone" click this. It will do a fresh install of the IOS and clean "other"

    After that is complete. Click restore from backup..

    When that has completed go to the Music tab and sync all your music.

    If any of my assumptions were wrong give me a more detailed description and I will try to walk you through it.

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