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    I downloaded an album directly to my iPhone but it doesn't seem to be sorted properly...

    The album is Slash, by Slash, which is a large collaborative work, and my iPhone seems to believe that Slash comes first alphabetically, under A as a matter of fact. After Slash it properly sorts everything... well, all except it bumped the last A artist under the B header, the last B artist under the C header, etc. Until the T header which actually has the last S artist before it and the first T artist after it.

    And if you look under albums, it says Slash comes first, which is under an S header. Well that sounds right... almost... and then you look at what comes right after it. Right after Slash comes the "123" header followed by all of my albums being sorted alphabetically properly.

    What the heck is up with the sorting!?

    I do have iTunes set to let me sync manually. Oddly, it hasn't synced Slash to my computer.

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